The Hitler Youth: A State-Driven Organization

The Hitler Youth: A State-Driven Organization

Brief Description:

An exploration of the Hitler Youth organization and the commitment of its members.
Citation: APA; Page: 12( 3011words), 2008


The paper reviews the history of horrible regime and destruction of young talent blood of Germany for the sake of their cruel emperor, Hitler. The paper examines the Hitler Youth and the commitment they showed to Nazi government and deliberately integrated with SS, the SA, and horrible SS-Totenkopfverbande . Though, entire Germany was anti-Semitic and young blood of the country, too, wholeheartedly accepted the anti-Semitism campaign. The author writes that German youth were extremely devoted for this cause that in turn brought unhappiness in the form of the lost of a huge proportion of youngsters and post war situation of the country. The paper also points out that the Hitler Youth encouraged integration and commitment among its members by implementing intensive training programs for the team.


It is very difficult for us to forget the period of Second World War, specifically the brutality shown by Nazis and their collaborator, Eastern European and French. History cited many examples of their horrible acts which destroyed many lives of individuals and their families. Many young talented guys of Germany lost their lives during cruel regime of Hitler. Those youth were called Hitler Youth represented a state-driven organization and were more committed and well-integrated youth.

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