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Do you know the first step to thesis is preparing a thesis proposal? Thesis proposals are similar to research proposals that give a way forward for completion of a thesis. Therefore, students should use thesis proposals to create an outline for their theses. The proposal should have the selected topic, reason for selecting it, preliminary research, and methodology. Without the approval of the university and getting ethical approval for conducting the study, it is not possible to complete the thesis report. The instructor may provide feedback for improvement. Therefore, students should do editing accordingly.

How to write a Thesis Proposal?

This section answers how to write a thesis proposal. Here we provide help for writing a thesis proposal to students for writing the best thesis proposal. The thesis proposal begins with topic selection and approval. Furthermore, topic selection can be difficult. Therefore, students should select a topic which suits their skills and knowledge. After this step, students should perform brief review of literature. Moreover, they should identify the literature gap.

The main part of a proposal is the potential methodology that could help in achieving the objectives of the thesis. It should have relevant research philosophy, approach, data collection and sampling techniques, tools for analysis, and expected outcomes. Additionally, it should indicate research methodology limitations. Finally, the thesis proposal should have a time schedule which indicates deadlines for submission of different chapters of the thesis report. Furthermore, you can get help for writing thesis proposals by reviewing different samples on our website.

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