Organizational Psychology

Organizational Psychology

Brief Description:

A brief overview of important concepts and factors in modern organizational psychology
Citation: APA; Page: 7 ( 1761words); 2005


The paper defines the organizational behavior, reviews the concepts of organizational psychology and further discusses the external and internal factors related to this discipline in detail. The paper discusses the socialization and cultural as external factors considering the four dimensions proposed by Hofsted. The concept of perception, stereotypes, individual personality, motivation and significance of leadership in the organization are also thoroughly reviewed by the author. The paper also focuses on the association among communication, power, politics and ethics as well. Conflict management and organizational changes were also discussed in this regard.


Studying individual and group dynamics within the organization is referred to as organizational behavior (Wikipedia). Human behavior determine the organization behavior, human behavior is determined by many external and internal factors. Internal factors include individual thoughts, needs, and feelings or personality, whereas external actors include environment of an individual which determine his or her behavior .

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