Nursing Theory

Nursing Theory

Brief Description:

A nursing student’s philosophy of nursing.
Citation: APA; Page: 4 (1013 words); 2007


The paper emphasizes on the learning of multiple theories in the nursing profession in order to handle patients with different needs as was suggested by single paradigm of Kuhn. It is essential to take into accounts the main components of theories which emphasizes on following the nursing ethics and giving importance to patient in nursing care. The paper relates Neuman’s idea of resiliency (2003) to nursing profession. According to this, focus should be given to the individual differences and needs while making treatment plan for the patients. The author of this paper also looks at the significance of “bio-psycho-social-spiritual” theory in caring and treating patients by the nurses. This theory assumes that profession of nursing in not solely based on scientific knowledge, indeed, various cultural, religious, spiritual and personal beliefs and factors regarding health care seem to work out.

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