Methods of Motivation in Music Education

Methods of Motivation in Music Education

Brief Description:

A discussion on the different motivating concepts required in music education
Citation: APA; Pages: 4 (1009words); 2007


Motivation proves to be a determinant of learning behavior. Pertaining to learning music, different motivating concepts seem to work out. In this paper these motivating concepts are discussed in relation to music education which are more important to be learned as compare to other curriculum. The paper also explains certain factors presented by students which particularly relate to music learning, for example; music students, before entering high school program, get some vocal or instrumental training. Different ways are used to motivate and evaluate inexperienced students and have no prior exposure to music education. Music students can make the music their career in future or may exhibit only interest in it. The paper points out that music education program differ in many ways except motivating the students to achieve goals being part of music education.

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